Terms and Conditions

Absentee Policy

Should your child miss a lesson for any reason, NO refund of fees will be made and no individual lesson will be given free of charge. Where possible, we may be able to arrange a catch up lesson in another class if prior notification has been given to the school director and there is a class at a similar level with room to accomodate an extra student.

If a private catch up lesson is required then we will make every effort to make this up in the case of another student being away. If this is not possible, then the catch up lesson will be charged at the private lesson rate. If your child is going to be away for an extended period, please contact the school director so that relevant arrangements can be made.

Our classes run with the public school term and we do not hold classes on public holidays. 


Your invoice will be sent to you prior to the start of each term and FULL TERM PAYMENT for lessons is required. All fees are expected to be paid by the given due date on your invoice to avoid a 5% late fee. This will include costs for books, CDs and exams. Details for internet banking will be on your invoice. Alternatively, cash or cheque is accepted. Should you wish to discontinue your child’s music tuition, NO refund of fees will apply. 

Classroom Policies

• Students must be picked up at the time their lesson finishes.

• It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure their child behaves in class.

• It is preferable for a Parent/Guardian to participate in the lesson with students up to 6 years of age, if possible, in group classes only. After such time parental attendance is optional. It is not necessary for parents to attend private lessons.

• Siblings can only attend morning classes. It is not desirable to have siblings in after school classes as it can be distracting to the students.